The site-specific sound piece Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder) takes a closer look on audioguides in exhibition contexts in form of an auditive drama. Instead of responding to the exhibited graduate projects, the audioguide develops his own narrative and questions the limits of auditive guides. “You want certainty, here it comes.” On display at the graduate show at HFBK Hamburg in room 332 from 13.–16. July. With Matthias Schubert (sound design), Josefine Israel (female narrator) and Hans-Joachim Lenger (male narrator).

How does the parrot get fresh air? (1)/(2) A cooperation between DIE ZEIT and Öffentliche Gestaltungsberatung. Published in the section "Z" in DIE ZEIT No. 42. Design with Anna-Maria Resei.

The redesign of the foyer in Kunsthaus Hamburg creates a connection between exhibition and public space. To register your event call +49 (0)40 335 803. Design with Frieder Bohaumilitzky, Sören Gerhardt, Liez Müller, Johannes Schlüter and Larissa Starke.

Including key projects, scholarly essays, and significant historical texts, Öffentliche Gestaltungsberatung—Public Design Support 2011–2016 chronicles the methods, projects, and problems of the first five years of Public Design Support. Editing mit Jesko Fezer, Fynn-Morten Heyer und Julia Mummenhoff. Published by Sternberg Press.

The waiting room of Asklepios Clinic's emergency ward is located in a new building between two wings of the former barracks of the Waffen-SS. The suggested breakthrough in the waiting room opens the view to the inner courtyard as well as the entrance of the former barracks and broaches the issue of its architectural form. One of three winning contributions in the competition for the redesign of the waiting room in the emergency ward, posted by Asklepios Klinik Nord-Heidberg in cooperation with HFBK Hamburg. Design with Fynn-Morten Heyer.

The gallery of HFBK Hamburg was converted to an interdisciplinary venue for one semester. Since 2016 the use of the airport display panel is open for any kind of event in context of the art school. Accessible to all students and professors via the website Initiation with Fynn-Morten Heyer, Laslo Strong and Nuriye Tohermes.

Edition Uhlenhorst is a book series containing opinionated texts on art and society. Every paperback contains one short and pointed essay. They try to encourage and fuel the discussion on art. „U1 Michael Hirsch, Logik der Unterscheidung – Zehn Thesen zu Kunst und Politik“ and „U2 Robin van der Akker und Timotheus Vermeulen, Anmerkungen zur Metamoderne“ form the kickoff of the edition. Three more issues will follow this autumn. Published with Hanna Böge, Max Prediger, Nino Svireli, Elias Wagner and Steffen Zillig. In cooperation with Textem Verlag.

#getyourbusinesscard – The graphic design studio presents itself as a slick service provider and offers individualised business cards. Produced on the spot and given away for free at the annual exhibition of the HFBK in 2015. An Apple Store-esque staging questions the role of the graphic designer. Concept with Frieder Oelze. Realisation with Klasse Grafik.